Voltage Optimisation and Solar PV


Get more usable power from your PV installation

Solar PV systems have to increase the supplied voltage to enable them to export their generated electricity back onto the National Grid, inevitably the voltage into your property will also increase.

Installing a voltage optimiser alongside your PV system prevents this precious generated energy from being wasted due to inefficiencies caused by over voltage at appliances. Potentially leaving more of the “Free energy” available for use around the property helping to speed up the return on investment.

An example, if you are generating 3kW of power from your Solar PV System, a 3kW kettle operating at 250V will consume additional 250W. This is additional power that you will have to buy from the grid, by optimising the voltage your kettle could be boiled from the power generated by your Solar System.

The accendo B60PVM single phase voltage optimisation unit from matt:e is the only unit specifically designed to allow direct connection of a PV system into a VO unit in a fully compliant way.

With “built in” dedicated 16 amp PV supply double pole RCBO and MID approved generation meter, the B 60 PVM offers a simple, single connection point when combining the two technologies saving cost, space and time during installation and reducing fit error rate.



matt-e B60 PVM A4