Voltage Management


Voltage Optimisation is the controlled reduction of voltages received by an energy consumer in order to reduce energy use and power demand.

Voltage optimisation equipment is typically installed in series with the mains electrical supply to a building, allowing all its electrical equipment to benefit from an optimised supply.

Who is affected by high voltages?

With the average incoming grid voltage now at 242v across the UK, it is estimated that more than 70% of domestic and commercial premises suffer with high voltage issues. High voltage used to be an issue that was mainly suffered by consumers living closest to power substations however, with the introduction of renewables onto the grid such as solar and wind power, high voltage is now a huge problem for many resulting in higher electricity bills.

The solution!

By installing a matt:e Voltage optimiser into affected homes and business premises, consumers will benefit from a reduced carbon footprint, lower electricity bills, and protection on the life of many electrical appliances, often extending their lifespan by up to 50% longer.

Voltage Optimisation For Your Home
Voltage Optimisation For Your Business