The Matt:e B60 PVM single phase voltage optimisation unit from matt:e is the only unit specifically designed to allow direct connection of a PV solar system into a voltage optimisation unit in a fully compliant way. 


When a solar PV system is present, The matt:e B60 PVM offers a single connection point when combining the two technologies. Saving on cost, space and time during installation and reducing fit error rate.


Because the energy generated from your PV system is precious, we understand you want to make the best use of your power. Every KW you don’t use means more of your electrical requirement is being met by your solar system and less power you need to draw from the grid to supplement your electrical demand. 

How Does It Help?

Electrical appliances manufactured for the UK and Europe are rated at 230volts. However the average house is supplied with 242 volts.

This additional power is simply not needed. Reducing the voltage towards actual deigned voltage can lead to:

 Lower energy consumption

Reduced carbon emissions

Extended lifespan of electrical appliances

Lower operating temperatures




Specification documents and installation manuals are available for download below