A simple single connection center for measuring energy generated, exported and consumed from a micro generation installation

The PVDC Duo dual billing meter is designed to provide a simple connection point to measure the energy generated, exported, and consumed from micro generation systems, whilst enabling the system owner to continue to claim their FiT payments.

With this data, the system can calculate the exact amount of energy consumed by the premises, which has been supplied from the local micro generation system.

This is especially useful for free to fit schemes, councils, and social housing providers that wish to bill the occupier for generated electricity, whilst providing cheaper electricity and helping to reduce fuel bills. 

With both meters having MID approval to annexe B and D, data is sent via a fully roaming GSM modem to a central data server where individual or multiple homes can be viewed, and indeed billed safely and securely online.

The PVDC Duo is BS7671 amendment 3 compliant, and complete with a 100amp isolator with additional terminations for tails in tails out connection, dedicated PV supply double pole RCBO or MCB. The PVDC Duo provides a simple to install, fully compliant solution all in 1 box.

Specification documents are available for download below