Three Phase Voltage Optimiser

The simple fit and forget energy saving solution to reduce your electrical energy consumption by up to 21%*

How Does It Help?

Most electrical equipment manufactured for the UK and europe is rated at 220/230V, however the average incoming voltage supplied across the UK is 242V. This is additional power we simply do not need. 

By reducing the incoming voltage down to a more suitable level, you can achieve the following;


  • Lower energy consumption 
  • reduced carbon emissions
  • extended lifespan of electrical equipment
  • lower operating temperatures



If you use the following electrical equipment, a matt:e voltage optimiser can reduce both your carbon footprint and electricity bill 


 Motors, pumps and fans


 Florescent strip lights

 Sodium & metal Halide roof & flood lighting

Air compressors

 Office appliances

 Non thermostatically controlled heating

 Printing presses 

 Fabrication machinery

 Conveyor belts

 Welding apparatus

* Savings will differ  from site to site dependent on a number of factors including; operational hours, incoming voltage and electrical equipment being used.

Specification documents are available for download below