Commercial Installations

For installations with a three phase PME supply matt:e connection centres that incorporate the Patent PendingĀ OPEN should be used. The device is able to detect load imbalances under all conditions including open PEN on three-phase infrastructures and safely isolates the incoming supply or individual loads. This helps prevent the risk of electric shock if dangerous touch voltages above 70V occur in line with BS:7671.



The future is safe, the future is OPEN

Key Features

  • Standardises installation
  • No more scanning for buried services
  • Minimises civil works
  • Prevents danger posed by driving Earth electrodes into the ground
  • Allows charge points to be mounted directly onto metal-clad structures
  • Units available to match all common charge points up to 80amp TPN
  • Safer earth connection as connected directly onto PME supply
  • Guarantee that the earth resistances values are maintained all year round
  • Designed and manufactured in Great Britain