Coming soon… matt:e EV

Introducing the all new EV charging system from matt:e! A unique solution which manages charging, load management, electrical safety and cyber security to an unprecedented level.

The Hub is the brains of the charging system and is designed to be installed near to the electrical supply/distribution board. Keeping the brains inside the property ensures, unlike other smart chargers currently available on the market, that the expensive commodity susceptible to vandalism, damage and theft safely inside under lock and key. 

All charge points are cyber security activated and controlled through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) ensuring high levels of security against cyber attack.  

The Hub can dynamically control up to 200 charge points making the future expansion of the system a simple and extremely cost effective solution and will dynamically balance the power given to each of the charge points, ensuring the safety and integrity of the building’s electrical supply. 

Additionally The Hub can detect excess electricity being generated on site from Solar PV, wind turbines, etc and utilise this generated power exclusively if required.  

Find out further information on this exciting new concept for EV charging here; Introducing matte EV.

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