Guardian, a revolution in electrical safety!

We all rely on electricity to power our homes and businesses but what happens if there is a fault on the electricity network that supplies your property? Bad connections or breakages in the supply Neutral conductor  in a TN or TT system can cause excessive voltages in the electricity supply which can lead to the premature aging or even destruction of equipment, increasing electrical consumption, creating a potential fire risk.

A fault on the electricity network could lead to,
· Overheating of your electrical installation and appliances
· Premature equipment failure
· Serious damage or destruction of appliances
· Potential fire hazard
· Danger of electrocution

Furthermore, a broken Neutral on a TN system can lead to an electric shock if any metallic parts, including gas pipework and any bonded appliances, are touched by a person in simultaneous contact with general mass of Earth. Unfortunately, MCBS and RCDS currently used do not detect this fault and DO NOT offer any protection.  
Introducing the Guardian, a revolution in electrical safety!
Incorporating the Patented O-PEN® technology, the Guardian is simply installed next to your existing distribution boards, constantly monitoring the electricity supply to, and the electrical infrastructure of a building.      
Helping to detect faults and safely isolate or warn the building owner of any potential faults. Including:
· Loss of Neutral
· Broken PEN conductor, TN-C-S supply
· Voltage on protective earth / ground conductors
· High and low line voltages
· High and low frequency

The Guardian can also connect to a cloud based portal where building owners and maintenance companies can remotely view the device.
The device can also send alerts via SMS and email helping to warn you before catastrophic failure occurs.

Guardian Installation Manual

Guardian User Instructions V1.0 July 2023

Guardian TP specification sheet-v2