Domestic EV Installations

The single-phase units from matt:e provide a simple single connection point that allows for the connection of 1 x 32amp single-phase charge point to the existing PME earthing facility.

In line with BS 7671: 2018: Amendment 1: 2020 Regulation 722.411.4.1

(iv) Protection against electric shock in a single-phase installation is provided by a device which electrically disconnects the vehicle from the live conductors of the supply and from protective earth in accordance with regulation 543.3.3.101 (ii) within 5 s in the event of the utilisation voltage at the charging point, between the line and neutral conductors, being greater than 253 V rms or less than 207 V rms. The device shall provide isolation and be selected in accordance with Table 537.4. Equivalent means of functionality could be included within the charging equipment. Closing or resetting of the device shall be possible only if the voltage between line and neutral conductors is in the range 207 to 253 V rms.

Please note, these units are for use on buildings with a single-phase electricity supply only.

BS 7671 does not permit a protective device as described in indent (iv) of Regulation 722.411.4.1 to be used to protect single-phase charging equipment in three-phase installations.

Equally, BS 7671 does not permit charging equipment containing equivalent functionality to that described in indent (iv) of Regulation 722.411.4.1 to be installed in installations with three-phase supplies.

The SP-EVCP range of units incorporates our own unique monitoring device which disconnects all poles including CPC in the event of a fault and therefore allows for compliant connection without the use of earth electrodes.

These units can be supplied with either standard terminal connections or Type A RCBO.



Key Features

  • Standardises installation
  • No more scanning for buried services
  • Minimises civil works
  • Prevents danger posed by driving Earth electrodes into the ground
  • Allows charge points to be mounted directly onto metal-clad structures
  • Safer earth connection as connected directly onto PME supply
  • Guarantees that the earth resistances values are maintained all year round
  • Available with Type A RCBO, MCB or standard terminals
  • Designed and manufactured in Great Britain

Please follow the links below to all product datasheets

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